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 Network Card Access Order 

When you have more than one network card installed in a Windows 2000 or XP system it sometimes becomes necessary to set the access order of the cards.


DeEnesse from Cyberspace HQ Software is an excellent DNS package, but a problem did arise when installing it on a Windows 2000 Professional system with two network cards...

The software "marries" the IP address of the DNS server to the license key for copyright protection. In this particular case the marriage was between the license and the "Global" connection.

If the "Global" nic was enabled and the "Local" nic was disabled everything worked fine. But, as soon as the Local nic was enabled the software would default to it causing the License/IP match to fail... access to the "DeEnesse Manager" was then disabled.

The Solution:

There's a simple solution and I must say the Cyberspace HQ people were very helpful...

From your desktop right click on "My Network Places" and choose "Properties" from the drop-down menu...

Right-click My Network Places

This brings up the Network and Dial-up Connections window. From the "Advanced" drop-down menu choose "Advanced Settings..."

Choose Advanced Settings...

Here's the answer...

Note: The "Connections:" window, in this example, shows two network connections named ADSL and Local... they were renamed to make it easier to identify.

Highlight one of the network connections and use the arrows on the right to choose the "order in which they are accessed by DNS and other network services". Make sure that your Global connection is the upper or first choice.

Set the Connection Access Order

Problem solved... it turned out that the local connection was the upper, or first choice for the DNS server. Once this was changed everything worked fine, the DeEnesse license key and IP were happily married...